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FOR SAA MEETINGS/GROUPS ONLY. Please make sure to include the Name, Location, and Meeting Time of the group making the contribution. Monthly Treasury Reports will identify the donation by the name of the group.

NYC Intergroup has numerous recurring expenses:
- Printing notifications and postcards for NYC SAA events, including Share-A-Day, Monthly Workshops, and Recovery Retreats.
- Purchasing materials for all the events.
- Printing schedule cards for all NYC meetings.
- Renting & maintaining an NYC SAA P.O. Box.
- Maintaining the NYC SAA website.
- Creating and mailing information packets to NYC therapists and STD clinics.*
- Placing media ads.*
- Paying the monthly rent for the Intergroup Center at 303 West 42nd Street.**

*All outreach efforts are based on the guidance provided by the ISO to ensure compliance with SAA Tradition 11 that our public relations policy be based on attraction rather than promotion. 
**Please note:  The Intergroup Center is the only location in NYC solely dedicated to the needs and activities of the SAA Fellowship.  Although the $1,600 monthly rent for the Intergroup Center is primarily covered via the 7th Tradition collections of the daily meetings that utilize the room, use of the space itself is not limited to those meetings.  The Intergroup Center is utilized for Monthly Workshops and Fellowship events, as a temporary site by groups unable to meet in their regular locations, for storage of SAA materials, and soon even by Fellows seeking a quiet and private area to do step-work or meet with a Sponsor. 

If at any point you are interested in having a treasury report please email us at Know we have a clear and transparent finances report where we have every income and expense we have incurred since 2013.