August 9-10-11

We are Sold Out! 
Waitlist IS SOLD OUT and no waitlist or cancelation is available anymore 

Important Information
Friday to Sunday: August 9/10/11, 2019

Loyola Retreat House
161 James St, Morristown, NJ

Everyone will be in a single room (AC is upon availability and following registrations order)

Everyone is Paid currently and we are SOLD OUT! No more spots will open up and we won't be able to refund you, if you cancel after July 31st.

The Retreat Porgram:
There will be Two parallel tracks this year.
Track A) 12 STEP TRACK: you will guide or be guided by someone through the 12-Steps (suggested for those new to the program).
Track B) WORKSHOPS TRACK: you will attend workshops based on recovery topics.
Both tracks will include Yoga, Meditation and Fellowship activity to do as one group.

What to bring
Phone charger, medications, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, sunscreen, glasses, sunglasses, contact lens solutions, iPad/computer charger.
Please bring BOARD GAMES if you have any at home. Thank you!


If you coming alone (Driving or Train) please arrive:
Friday before 6pm
Saturday before 10am.

Meeting time and location for CARPOOL:
DRIVERS: thank you so much for your service, please have your car as empty as possible, to accommodate fellows and their belongings for the weekend. Thank you!
Expected time to get to the Loyola Center from Manhattan
Friday ride will be 1 Hour and 30 minutes (due to traffic)
Saturday ride will take less than an hour.

Location: in front of ST FRANCIS at 135 w 31st street.
Meeting Friday, August 9th at 4 PM (If you can't get off work on time, please catch the train and follow the times below)
Meeting time Saturday, August 10th at 8:30 AM. (Don't be late)
Please BE ON TIME. If you arrive more than 5 minutes late, transportation won't be provided and you will have to take the train.

MILLS will coordinate Carpool in person on Friday Afternoon. MILLS phone: 901.491.8865
JACOB will coordinate Carpool in person on Saturday Morning. JACOB phone: 316.516.6713

If you wish to take the train this is the schedule for Friday Afternoon and Saturday Morning
from NEW YORK Penn Station with NJ Transit.
When you arrive at MORRISTOWN Station you can take a Uber/Lyft to the LOYOLA Center or text JAMES: 917.655.6760 to have a fellow to pick you up!

Train Schedules
New York Penn Station to Morristown on Friday 08/09/2019 AFTERNOON:
04:18 PM
Morris & Essex #6641
 05:10 PM52 minutes
04:45 PM
Morris & Essex #6643
 05:46 PM61 minutes
05:18 PM
Morris & Essex #6647
 06:21 PM63 minutes
05:39 PM
Morris & Essex #6651
 06:44 PM65 minutes
05:49 PM
Morris & Essex #6653
 06:52 PM63 minutes
06:20 PM
Morris & Essex #6655
 07:22 PM62 minutes
06:55 PM
Morris & Essex #6659
 07:59 PM64 minutes
07:26 PM
Morris & Essex #6663
 08:20 PM54 minutes

New York Penn Station to Morristown on Saturday 08/10/2019 MORNING:

07:11 AM
Morris & Essex #6913
08:28 AM77 minutes
08:11 AM
Morris & Essex #6915
09:28 AM77 minutes
09:11 AM
Morris & Essex #6917
10:28 AM77 minutes

Dinner on Friday
Dinner on Friday night will be served at 7PM.
If you arrive driving solo or by train, please schedule accordingly. If you arrive later than 7 pm we won't be able to accommodate food for you that night, unfortunately.
If you arrive on Saturday morning, your first meal will be Lunch (not breakfast) so please plan accordingly.

Food allergies and restrictions?
We will follow your registration notes about allergies and food restrictions. You are welcome to bring extra food and store if in the facility fridge. 

If you are following the TRACK A and you are willing to be a temporary sponsor during the weekend, we ask that you have at least 90 days of sobriety from your bottom lines/inner circle and have worked steps 1-8 and done at least one amends (step 9).

What time does the retreat end? 
We will be leaving the Loyola Center in Morristown (NJ) on Sunday afternoon around 4.30 pm. And you will be back in NYC by 6pm.

When will I be home? 
We will be back by 6 PM. Some drivers go to Brooklyn, upper Manhattan, Rockland, and New Jersey and may be able to drop you off a lot closer to your home. 

Text James M at 917.655.6760 or
email him at: