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Who are we?
We are Sex Addicts Anonymous in New York City and we are here to help the sex addict who still suffers. We are addicts ourselves who are now in recovery!

What was the experience of a member: 
"Whether it was on my phone, my iPad, my computer, or any other outlet I could always feel the itch to want to look at more pornography. Even though I had known people around me who had openly spoken of their use, whatever I shared was always a fraction of my real use. I found myself clicking links to go places I would never go personally, ignoring my own values for the shock value of seeing something new. I would need to collect, compare, and obsess in order to derive the same satisfaction, though it never actually delivered in the end."

"When I came into the rooms I knew I was where I needed to be. I heard all sorts of stories which I either completely identified with or found pieces I could identify with. The difference was that they were not just sharing old stories, but there was a joy and free they had what I wanted. You can have this too!" - J.G., New York, NY

Self Assessment:
1/ Do you find yourself viewing pornography in inappropriate places, i.e. Work, on the subway, in public?
2/ Do you find it difficult to pay attention to others because you are day dreaming about viewing porn?

If your answer is YES to ONE or BOTH of these questions we suggest to choose one of the following!